imageI strive to bring you guys some amazing DIY ideas, and while I’m yet to create my own, I have no doubt that one day (Im envisioning my first born’s bedroom and this is waayyyyy down the track!) I will try my hand at something like this bedhead by Kassandra of Design Everyday Blog and BOY is it a showstopper!

How To:

Step 1. Measure up the size you would like your headboard but make sure it is about 1cm in from where the mattress ends on either side. This helps give the illusions that the books are simply there and not attached to anything

Step 2. Mark the mattress height so you know where the books should end.

Step 3.Arrange the open books on the board like a puzzle. Make sure to place the books as to extend over the edges of the board on both sides.

Step 4. Once you have an order you are happy with make sure you number the books so that if they get mixed up you know exactly where they go back.

Step 5.Secure the books using nails, but leave a few pages free.

Step 6. To create the illusion of how a book would look if it were just sitting open on a table stick the pages so a bump is created. Be creative with how you secure the pages, you don’t want every book to look the same. However the bottom row of books should have the pages secured as flat as possible so that they do not get caught on pillows or sheets.

Step 7. Once all the books are secured you can move the headboard into place – you will need two people for this!

Step 8. And Voila! Lay back and enjoy your creation.

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"Se guardi nel buio a lungo, c’è sempre qualcosa" W.Butler Yeats

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Ultimamente sono tornate di moda le GIF animate, ossia immagini che contengono alcuni fotogrammi che si ripetono ciclicamente. Se volete crearle facilmente, Wired segnala una tecnica per convertire un video di Youtube: basta aggiungere “gif” al link. In pratica, se il link al video è http://www, eccetera, correggetelo in nel vostro browser.

Questo vi posta al sito, che vi permette di scegliere il punto d’inizio e la durata dell’animazione (il massimo è dieci secondi). Fatto questo, ottenete un file .gif scaricabile che potete pubblicare dove volete. Semplice, pratico e facile.

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"Oh Harry,non conta quanto tu sia simile a lui,conta solo quanto sei diverso da lui" Albus Silente

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